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Bold Dots & Stripes Thank You Note Cards

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These 12 flat thank you note cards have bold colors in a selection of Empire Delicious designs. We designed them as kids stationery but have found that grown ups love and use them too. It's important to write thank you notes and makes life much easier to have a supply on hand--so stock up and get writing!

 There are four different cards, three of each in every set. At the bottom of each card it says "merci! gracias! thank you!" Each set includes 12 white envelopes with pointy "Euro" flap.

Cards are 4 1/4 inches by 5 1/2 inches (size A2) and sets come with a colorful card with tips and ideas for writing thank you notes--text on that card is below.

Thank you!
It's a nice thing to say.

Why do you have to write a thank you note?
Because a thank you note lets the person who gave you a present know that you received the present and that you appreciate it. It's one of those Rules of Life: Send thank you notes and send them quickly.

So, how do you write a thank you note?
Start with “Dear” as in “Dear Aunt Sally,”
Thank the person: “I love the fantastic socks, thank you so much.” Or, “Thank you so much, I loved
my visit to your farm!”
Tell how you will use the present or try to say something complimentary about it: “Did you know that
green is my favorite color?”  Or: “I can’t wait to take it for a spin once the snow clears.”
Mention a past visit and/or allude to a future visit. “We loved seeing you this summer and hope to
see you again next summer.” Or something like “I hope you had a Merry Christmas and look forward
to seeing you in the New Year.”
If there’s space, say: “Thank you again.”
Sign off with something like:  “Love”or “Sincerely”.
If you received cash, then say “thank you for your generous present”, do not say “thank you for the
money.” Then, say how you plan to spend the money: “It will go towards buying the snowboard I’ve
got my heart set on.”
What if you really don’t like a present? Well, do your best to find one positive detail: “Thank you for
the maroon fuzzy throw, it will be cozy in the winter.” If you returned a present to the store, the
person who gave it to you doesn’t need to know about it. 

Remember, if you like receiving presents then you need to keep writing thank you notes! 
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